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October 2x Creative Post

Additional posts about this project can be seen over at ariestess and over at 2xcreative.

This time instead of me making images, and Ariestess waiting around for them, we both decided that we'd make something ourselves, and then switch and create something inspired from the other persons work.

So here are the images I first came up with and the poems that were inspired from them.


sinuously slithering waves
treading slowly toward their font:
a little whitewater area.
rocky shorelines make great cover
for kids blowing some steam off.
impossibly high tree foci
send people climbing up the rocks,
hoping to find purchase enough.


hidden seussian landscape
hangs underneath mushrooms.
how'd they get under there?
homes teeter on narrow
high cliffs above the clouds.
heroes long to explore,
hindered by their stature.
And here are the three poems that Ariestess sent me in return.

"Time for Fall"

A bracing chill is in the air.
Leaves scamper across the sidewalk,
Imagined mice can make you stare.
And now the time for fall is here.

The nights are longer, darkness falls
Earlier with each passing night.
Spiders scurry to hide in walls.
And now the time for fall is here.

Fires are lit, they flicker and glow,
Lighting the darkness, keep us safe.
Stars glitter brightly, lovely show.
And now the time for fall is here.


icy chill deepens
weary to the bone
body tries to slow down
movement keeps me warm


cool, crisp air flows down
the mountains have snowy peaks
warm summer is longed for still

winter is coming
animals seeking shelter
gorge themselves to last 'til spring

I hadn't intended to make a photo triptyck in the beginning of this project, but with all the fall imagery Ariestess sent me, I couldn't resist the urge to go out and capture some of the fall for myself.

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