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Some Wedding Favorites




The lighting at the ceremony was lovely :)
(And as always, my uploaded images are much less crisp than the originals, WHY do you hate me livejournal?!?)  (x_X)

Toronto Comicon

So Toronto Comicon was pretty great. There was a crazy run-around Saturday morning when we were trying to find our check-in table, but other than that it was a blast! Highlights included seeing a little girl dressed up as Indiana Jones, spotting Patrick Stuart's shining bald head and having two Dalek's come wizzing past our booth.


Erika and myself did well overall, and a lot of people asked/suggested that we should return for Fan Expo in August. (I'm SO flattered! T_T)  Unfortunately the prices for a vendors booth at Fan Expo is way out of our price range, so we'll try to slip into an end table in Artists Alley and see what the prices are like there. (Fan Expo, why you so expensive?!?)


Some fun pics of peoples tattoos!


Hurray to a fun convention!

Some New Stencils

I've just taken the final count and it looks like I'll have over 200 new stencils for the upcoming Toronto Comic Convention! I've felt silly lately saying that I've been doing nothing but making or finding new stencils on ebay all day, but now that I know how many I have, I don't feel silly any more!

This batch of new stencils really focuses on various fandoms, but I will admit that it favors popular animes quite a bit. Here's a sneak peek at a few of the new stencils.



Bring on the Bleach and Pokemon love!

Toronto Comicon

Our booth location has been confirmed for Toronto Comicon! If you're going to be attending, drop by and give us a wave! (Or perhaps browse our charming wares?) Knick Nack Hobby Shack, booth 527 March 9th and 10th.

We'll be selling glitter and airbrush tattoos, hand-pressed buttons, bright coloured hair extensions, and a few handmade items. Come visit us, we're fuuuuuuun!

7 Deadly Sins Event


And the first airbrush event of the year goes to '7 Deadly Sins'. This was an event organized by a graduating team of Special Event Planning students from George Brown College. I was brought into it by my roommate JT, and airbrushed anyone willing (and some people that were just standing nearby) throughout the night. The stencils were a selection of 10 customized images designed for the event.

Coming up next on the event horizon is Toronto Comic Con! It's on the weekend of March 9th and 10th and it promises to be a busy event (over 90, 000 people attended last year! wow!) I'll be updating here in a few days with our booth number and some examples of the fun new tattoos I've been making to fulfill every geek's tattoo needs (providing those needs are temporary of course.) Also, the main cast from Star Trek are planned to be attending, so I'm going to be getting my fangirl on, trying to get a Captain Picard poster signed. <3

Also confirmed is the annual Aurora Street Festival in June, where me and Erika will be setting up our usual Knick Nack Hobby Shack booth. More details to follow closer to the date.

And now I'm off to sleep, and then I'll be searching for photos from tonight's events. (There must be dozens of pictures of me doing tattoos online now, but will I be able find any nice pictures of people showing off their tats? We'll see!)


A long awaited update

Happy New Year!
I've been up to many things since last updating. Beginning of July I found a job at a local amusement park for their special events department and spent the summer and fall painting walls and props for Halloween mazes...


My adventures.Collapse )

Week 13: Bath Salts!

The video is up! Huzzah!

And I've finally managed to make a video under 6 minutes in length! Double huzzah!
Also, I make bath salts, and show you all what a weirdo I am. Yup, that's about it.

Lack of posts and videos :(

Yes, this weeks video is late again. I'm hoping it'll be up by the end if the week. I'm also wondering what I'm going to do when one of my videos hits 250 views and I owe you guys another video special. I still haven't delivered on the last one yet! :S

I was in Ingersol this past weekend selling etched glasses and earrings and handmade books. Erika as always was selling button, but this time made a load of money from her new hair extensions. All in all a good weekend.

We're planning on attending some more fairs closer to home in the upcoming months, which of course mean that I'll have to start making more books! :) (I sold my last two favorite medium-sized books!)

I'll post again soon as the video is up. :)

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Week 12: T-shirt Posters!

Hey guys, I'm exhausted from my new job, but here's this week's video.

I'm daydreaming about sleeping tonight. Can't wait.

Week 11: Spinning Wool

So hey, there's this video up...

Which for some reason is 15 freakin minutes long!!!?! and I don't know how, because I was so sure I filmed it in under 10... maybe I deleted the wrong version before I gave it to Miki? :'(

Other fun news includes a recent photo shoot for Theatrix School of Makeup and my upcoming job where I'll be painting the walls and mazes for Wonderlands Halloween Haunt. Should be pretty cool.

My favorite from Theatrix...

Intensssssssse eye contact!

This second photo was edited by the model herself :)

Annnnd, now back to falling off the planet.